Sunday, May 22, 2016

Measure Twice......Part 2....Oh, what the HELL!

There seems to be more "Parts" to this project regarding measurements than I care to admit!

Because the chainsaw went through the very last log I was working on, I had to begin looking for a new source of aspen logs off the client's property. Turns out he only had three dead trees on his property that looked like they would meet the diameter requirements for the notching and channel cutting. Unfortunately, one of those trees was rotten in the core rendering it useless for this kind of work. Y'all already know what happened on one of the remaining two. So, a few phone calls were made.

Luckily, a neighbor had some dead aspen on their property, and they were kind enough to let me look at them to see if they'd be big enough in diameter. Turns out just barely....I hope.

The only saving grace with aspen, as far as I'm concerned, is that it's a soft wood and easily cut. It's just very hard to find large diameter aspen trees....a necessity for this project.

Grumble, grumble, bitch, moan.....hope these work! They damn well better work! I'm getting awfully tired of cutting down trees for this project!

I only needed one section, but, upon further due consideration of previous screw ups, I decided to take enough sections to at least give me a spare or two if I screwed up again....ya know, that old measure twice sage advice. So, I cut down another tree, and sectioned it off.

DAMN, but those logs are heavy. I'm thinking they might be too wet to use, but at least they're home where I can work on them to make that determination.

Did I already mention how I needs me a truck to haul this kind of stuff around? If I didn't, well, I'm mentioning it again....I NEEDS ME A TRUCK!

Enough for the day! Once again, them old bones of mine are rebelling telling me to give them a rest...a very LONG rest!

See ya next time!