Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Ready to sculpt.....Hold on There, Pilgrim!!!!!

That passive-aggressive attitude? It's just gotta go! I'm sometimes left wondering why it seems so hard to get going, to just slog through some of the reluctance to get my ass up into that cold, cold shop and DO SOMETHING!!! Might the cold, cold atmosphere in that cold, cold shop have even a modicum of something to do with that reluctance?

Today, I resolved to do that, to just slog through that reluctance and see how far I'd get. This blog post is the result. I thought the next step would be to actually get to a point to be able to start sculpting. It started out that way, but, in the jargon of the previous blog post, "The best laid plans......", or would it be more appropriate to go with today's blog title, "Hold on There, Pilgrim!!!!!"?

A few days ago, the project involved just getting the tops and bottoms of the two pieces that will eventually go up for sale parallel to each other.

If any good came out of any of that day's work, other than the job at hand was accomplished before it got too cold, it was that I discovered the rails for the router sled were sagging under the combined weight of the router and the sled it runs in. That ain't good, and it'll need to be addressed before any larger projects loom large on the horizon.

It doesn't really look like the one on the right in the photo below fits the description of "top and bottom being parallel", but I'd like to point out once again that I simply despise my photographer! This is really an optical illusion. Please! Ya gotta believe me! I was there! I know this to be true!

OK, those previous photos were from days past. The rest are from today.

The plan for today was to get the recesses routed out before it got too cold, once again, to continue.

Mission was kind of accomplished....sort of.

Setting up the handy dandy jig to route out the recess was easy. That little Black and Decker expandable vise works really well for this kind of work. The single drawback to this whole setup is the jig had to be secured by drilling two screws down into the top of the piece to hold it in place while routing out the recess. That'd be all fine and good if it weren't for the fact there's gonna be two screw holes left behind after the jig is removed. To solve this problem, the jig got positioned so the screw holes are located where sculpting will cut them out. Dang, but I am one smart cookie!

The finished recess with the jig still attached:

The finished recess with the jig removed (you can also see the two screw holes if you look really hard - don't worry....this isn't a test to see if something can be found.....like Waldo, or a panda, or a cat, or whatever. They're there, and you really don't need to strain your eyes to find them (no photoshop skills on my part to help you out, either).

On to the next piece. Step one....attach the router jig. Check! Step two....see if the router bit fits into the pre-drilled cord hole. Should have known better. The hole is one size too small, and I don't want to set up the plunge function on the router because it's starting to get too cold and my fingers are starting to get numb.

That floor model drill press really needs to be over in the shop!

Well, that's it. Two rock salt lamp stands in progress, and too cold to go any further today. Guess you're just going to have to wait awhile longer to see where this all ends up.