Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Gothic Geometry"?

In an ongoing effort to try new things, I decided to veer off a bit from my usual works into an unknown area I'll just call "experimentation". 

I've always wanted to try and sculpt something....just not with a chainsaw. All the tools are present to carve stuff (rough finish), but, as it was with even getting started in what I've done previously, this new genre requires some personal kicking in the rear end to get going.

With that.....

Finding the right pieces:

Raw materials are plentiful. They're just buried under about a foot to two feet of snow (no photos of me digging them out - you really don't want to see me doing that. No, you REALLY don't want to see me doing that, or maybe I should say "hear" me doing that). Most of them are about 6 to 8 feet in length, too:

The best way to get them to length with a reasonably level bottom on both pieces was to use the chopsaw. Still an "iffy" proposition because there's really no way to secure the pieces to the saw to prevent kickback, and, yes, there were a couple of passes that scared the living bejeesuz out of me.

Setting them up to lean against each other was easy. Scribing them to make the cut was also pretty easy because of the pre-planning I did to get relatively level bottoms on each piece (pre-planning is one of my strongest fortes', don'tcha know).

But, dang it! That chopsaw ain't gonna work at cutting an angle like I need. Guess the old fashioned way with a handsaw is the only way to get this done right! Reckon that pre-planning forte' isn't so durn burn good after all!

Decisions, decisions. Small ripsaw? Japanese pullsaw? What to do? What to do? Love that Japanese pullsaw, but the kerf is so small and narrow, the saw keeps binding up on me. That means.....you guessed it....small ripsaw (my Dad's old one at that....a little bit of my Dad is going into this piece, too).

After a whole lot of back and forth, back and forth, the shoulder muscles are beginning to ache, the hand knuckles are already aching, and I'm about ready to call it quits. But, before I do, the end fell off! Just like it was supposed to. Now, for the other one.....

Thinking I might just be done for today. This is going to take some more of that pre-planning forte' I spoke of earlier -- how, exactly, to glue this up without having either of the two pieces slip and slide out of place before the glue sets. Any ideas? Can't clamp them (odd shapes). Can't screw them together (chances of them being "flush" after being screwed freehand are about nil). Can't dowel them together (see problem with screwing them together). Can't get them under the drill press clamped together. Can't get them into a vise clamped together.

What to do? What to do?