Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jessi's coffee table: finishing - 3 coats of lacquer

Today was a big day! Three coats of lacquer and the job could, I say "could", be done, but it isn't.

Unfortunately, a spray setup isn't something available to do this job at this point, so brushing it is going to have to do.

It's actually kind of amazing how quickly this stuff dries, and how the brush marks seem to get a whole lot smaller as the lacquer dries. The photos below really don't show the gloss of the third and final coat, but believe me, it shines!

The wood grain really pops, too.

And the tiles? I was really worried about how well they'd show through all of this, especially after sanding the epoxy multiple times and the finish then looking very cloudy. Again, the photo doesn't really show it, but the lacquer finish is almost as shiny as the epoxy would have been had it not been sanded at all!

Bottom line? This process, so far, is something I'm going to make a regular part of my finishing regimen.

Final steps? There are still some dust nibs that must be taken down which requires some finish sanding which will then require polishing to get the sheen back to the gloss finish I want.

Went to the Internet once again and found some advice from the experts on how to rub out lacquer. They recommend a waiting period of at least 7 days before starting the final phase of finishing including the rub out in order to let the lacquer cure to its best hardness. DAMN! Was hoping to get this done tomorrow. Not going to happen. A week is what it is, then! In the meantime, I'll bring the table down to the house to let it cure in a more heated and dust free environment.

Have also been consulting with a friend on FB who's been doing refinishing with lacquer for a very, very long time (thanks, Paul Horn). His advice has been invaluable (spray is the best - hope to maybe do that next time).

The rub out process in the last phase will be shared in the final blog post on this project once it gets going.

Talk to you then.