Friday, March 28, 2014

Convince me......Somebody, PLEASE convince me.......

That I'm making some progress, that is.

Some days seem to go better than others. Regardless, it almost always seems like the end isn't even close to being near for this conference table.

Every time I think things are finally coming together, something else happens to let me know it ain't over till the fat lady sings!

Got the cottonwood slabs planed down to size, and realized (after measuring, of course) they aren't going to be the desired 4' x 3' dimensions.

Maybe run a "spacer" piece of some other kind of wood right down the center? Sounds good, but how does it look? That's a 3/4" plank of mahogany in between. Certainly not big enough! Leaning toward making some juniper planks instead of this. At least I can make them the width I need to fill the space.

If juniper works for the spacer, how might walnut look along with it - at least for the end pieces? Those two pieces are certainly long enough to cover the ends, but contrast from the side rails just won't look good made from juniper (red on brown).

Better start looking for some juniper off the woodpile to see if there's anything that might work.

Convince me......PLEASE, someone! Anyone! PLEASE convince me I'm making some progress here!