Friday, August 16, 2013


Awhile back, I saw a post on a friend's Facebook page, Knock on Wood, that bout knocked my socks off! This guy does some simply amazing stuff, but this particular work of art inspired me to try the style myself:



My first thought was "I need a 3D printer". Problem is I doubt there's one big enough to handle a project like this, plus making it out of plastic isn't something that really appealed to me being a woodsy kind of guy, ya know.

So, I went to my raw materials pile, and this is what I came up with:


Mind you, this was a gnarly old Ponderosa Pine that was fixin to fall over in the next windstorm because of pine beetle infestation, so we decided to take her down last year and let her dry and cure the old fashioned way - solar.

Went up to see how she was doing this morning, and decided to cut the main piece out of the tree itself.


That's a Stihl 440 Magnum with a 20" bar in front of the bench seat to help give a better perspective of the size of this thing.

The first photo is of the bench on its side cuz it kind of fell over after I cut it. The second is of it propped up temporarily using a couple of blanks I had laying around to support it. Man, that thing is still heavy. Wondering if one year is actually enough drying/curing time.

The last thing I looked at today (all this work really took the wind right outta my sails) was the rest of the tree and other raw materials that might work for some legs and a seat back. Ya'll gotta help me here and tell me which you think might work the best:


I'm kind of thinking maybe shaping the one in the photo to the left to contour to the shape and curve of the bench seat and the one in the photo on the right cut and shaped to support the seat from the back almost where the blank is positioned under the seat in the photo above to support it. Almost like a tripod kind of.

Time to go get Bobby and have him help me move this monster closer to the shop so I can get to work on it.