Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Variation on the router planer

The original router planer I posted earlier is limited in the length of the piece being planed. So I came up with this design to accommodate much larger pieces. It takes a bit more "setting up", but the results are worth the effort. I can actually plane pieces up to 14' long with this version. Takes a lot of time and patience. The beauty of both these designs is that pieces can be routed either lengthwise or crosswise. When dealing with round slabs, I go crosswise because the reach is a little less. When dealing with long slabs, I go lengthwise with the grain to get less "fuzz" from the router. The wheels on the sled actually help it to move along on the rails with less effort, too. I'm thinking about trying ball bearings or something similar as the wheels do have a tendency sometimes to bind up a bit.