Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cottonwood anyone?

Some pictures of before and after cottonwood rounds a neighbor and I were able to scavenge after of bunch of trees were blown down in a windstorm (tornado) in the metro area. I'm slabbing these to use as wine racks big enough to stand alone on the floor and as tabletops for coffee tables if the mood strikes me.

Size perspective:
Started out with a 20" bar on the chainsaw to slab these up. Not a good idea. Way too small. So, got out the 32" bar. Worked a lot better, but was a real butt kicker. Had a lot of poop and vinegar to start with, but ran out of vinegar pretty quick. You can guess the rest.

Anyway, here are some after photos of the peeled and slabbed logs:

15 slabs, all of which are still wet after more than 2 years drying time. So, am leaving them in the "solar" kiln outdoors for awhile. The tall one in the back of the picture will be cut lengthwise and I'll try to make a coffee table outta that one, too - who knows, maybe two coffee tables.